Ever since Canada fully legalized cannabis in 2018, everyone wants in on the action. Beyond just going to the dispensary and picking up the goods, more cannabis users want to take a more hands-on approach and grow their marijuana plants. 

The first step to growing cannabis is to get your hands on some high-quality cannabis seeds. Luckily, there are online seed banks that will deliver the seeds of your choice right to your door. 

There are few things to look out for when dealing with an online seed bank. To help you avoid getting scammed with faulty seeds or illegitimate sites, we’ve done the research and are naming our top picks for the best online Canadian seed banks. 

Here are our top picks for the best seed banks in Canada that you can shop online. These cannabis seed banks guarantee high-quality seeds, have excellent customer service, and a fantastic selection of different strains for you to choose from. 

True North Seed Bank 

True North Seed Bank is a trusted Canadian seller of marijuana seeds. They sell 100% feminized seeds, regular seeds, and autoflowering seeds. Whether you’re looking for Landrace Indicas, strong sativas, or a chill hybrid, they have thousands of marijuana strain options to choose from. Some fan favorites available on True North include OG Kush, Sour Diesel Northern Lights, and Girl Scout Cookies. 

They have unmatched customer service, speedy delivery, and quality guarantees. 

All of their seeds ship in discreet packaging, and they ship all over the world. When shopping True North Seed Bank, you can choose to pay with a credit card, money order, or Bitcoin. 

Why we love it

We love their promise to refund any order you’re not 100% happy with. Just contact customer support within seven days of receiving your order to qualify for a refund or an exchange. We also love how accessible they are to their customers. You can always contact them via phone or their website to request refunds or to exchange your seeds if there is a problem with your order. 

Crop Kings

Crop Kings has been around since 2005 and has made a name for themselves as the premium source for genetically pure seeds. They sell everything from classic cannabis strains to modern hybrids and are a perfect source for the picky grower. On their site, you can find autoflower, feminized, regular weed seeds, and CBD seeds. Some bestsellers on their website include seeds for Afghan Kush, Purple Kush, Bruce Banner, Blueberry Skunk, and White Widow. 

Crop Kings accepts in USD and Canadian currencies. They let customers pay using various payment methods, including via credit card using Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. For Canadians, you can also pay through an Interac e-transfer. 

Why we love it

Even though Crop King’s ships all over the world, it’s a top pick for Canadian shoppers because orders delivered within Canada come in the original seed packaging. Seeds sent outside of Canada are subject to being shipped with other items to make the packaging as discreet as possible. 

We love that Crop Kings fully stands behind their product. Crop King seeds are all inspected and quality controlled. They’re known for their high THC and high CBD strains and tend to throw in a few free seeds in with every order. Every package is sealed for freshness and packaged discreetly for complete privacy. 

Is Cannabis Legal in Canada?

As of October 2018, possession of cannabis in Canada no longer violates any criminal laws. Adults who are 18 years old or older can legally possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis and grow up to 4 cannabis plants per home, for personal use only. All cannabis predicts including edibles, oils, tinctures, and more are also legal and for sale across Canadian provinces. 

Can you buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada?

Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds and have them shipped to you in Canada without breaking any laws. Buying cannabis seeds holds no legal penalties. As we mentioned, anyone over 18 can grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household. However, this law is subject to the local governments within each province to make sure to stay up to date with the most current cannabis laws in your area to make sure you are not violating any new restrictions.